STC’s Beachfront Lighting Program

Since 2010, Sea Turtle Conservancy has been retrofitting problematic lights on beachfront properties throughout Florida. Learn more about the impact of artificial light on sea turtles, what you can do to help, and what STC is doing to mitigate this issue by following the links below.

Project Overview
Learn about why beachfront lights should be retrofitted and what lights are considered sea-turtle friendly.
Lighting and Dune Projects
STC has funding to retrofit problem lighting on beachfront properties in all southwest Florida counties.
Turtle Friendly Lighting Examples

What does sea turtle friendly lighting look like?
education-outreachEducation, Outreach and Materials To learn about STC’s sea turtle lighting workshops and download educational materials, click here.

Learn how can you help prevent sea turtle disorientations due to beachfront lighting.

See before and after pictures of properties that STC has retrofitted.