STC Tortuguero Visitor Center

The Sea Turtle Conservancy Tortuguero Visitor Center is an educational center located in the heart of Tortuguero National Park, one of the most important sea turtle nesting sites in the world for green turtles. STC has been working with green turtles in Tortuguero since 1959, making it the world’s oldest sea turtle research and conservation group.

In 1985, STC and other stakeholders from the community, built a small information kiosk within the town of Tortuguero. This kiosk served as a way to share information with visitors and locals about the importance of Tortuguero beach to sea turtles and increasing awareness of the threats to sea turtles and their ecosystems.

In 1994, STC built the John H. Phipps Biological Station to the north of Tortuguero. Included on the site is the Tortuguero Visitor’s Center that is open to the public to learn about sea turtles, Tortuguero’s natural history, and STC’s role in the conservation of Tortuguero National Park and green turtles.

The Visitor’s Center has displays about the sea turtle species that nest in Tortuguero, their life cycle, migratory routes, and the research that was started in the early 1950s by Dr. Archie Carr and is still carried on today by STC. Visitors can also learn about STC’s educational efforts in the area, including a Junior Research Assistant Program for local high School students. There is also a small “theater” where visitors can enjoy a video (in English or Spanish) about Tortuguero, its history with sea turtles, STC’s role in region, and ways to get involved in sea turtle research and conservation.

If you are in Tortuguero, please stop by the Visitor’s Center to learn more about sea turtles, STC, and this incredible place!

Contact information:

Biological Station Sea Turtle Conservancy
200 m North of Tortuguero School
between Mawamba Lodge and the Village of Tortuguero
Tortuguero, Costa Rica

Phone: +506 8865 4887 or +506 2767 1576