STC Programs: Research: Panama

Sea Turtle Conservancy is working to protect and restore the once globally significant hawksbill sea turtle nesting population at Chiriquí and Soropta Beaches in Panama. The programs consist of intensive monitoring of hawksbill and leatherback sea turtle nesting activity, protection of nesting females and their nests, and public education in the region and will build upon an ongoing research project carried out since 1989 by Drs. Anne and Peter Meylan.

Chiriquí Beach
Hawksbill and Leatherback Research and Conservation Program
Soropta Beach
Leatherback Research and Conservation Program.
Leatherback Tracking
Maps of leatherbacks tracked from STC’s Panama and Costa Rica projects.

Hawksbill Tracking
Maps of sea turtles tracked as part of STC’s Panama hawksbill project.


STC’s Bocas del Toro Region Sea Turtle Monitoring Research Assistantships

Sea Turtle Monitoring Assistantships in Bastimentos Island National Marine Park

Ayudantías de la investigación de la STC en Bocas del Toro Region, Panama